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This is a Yuu Watase community for Yuu Watase Fans! Love Fushigi Yuugi, Alice 19th, Ayashi no Ceres, Imadoki, or any of Watase's lesser known series? Then feel free to join!

1. No Spamming, keep things somehow Watase related, whether it be about her, any of her mangas, anime, etc. Some anime/manga related stuff is ok too, just don't go way off topic.
2. If you want to advertise another community Watase related, that's ok, but it you want to advertise a non Watase community, include it in a post with at least some Yuu Watase related stuff.
3. Please post images larger than a livejournal icon behind a live journal cut. And for images LJ icon size and under, keep to a minimum of 5, then LJ cut the rest. ^_^
4.Be nice!
5. Have fun!

Any questions comments can be directed to the email listed above. ^_^