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(Sale) Yû Watase items, mostly Fushigi Yûgi and Genbu Kaiden [25 Feb 2017|03:45pm]


I'm selling almost all my collection of items dedicated to Yû Watase's works. A few years ago, I maintened some websites like Sous les Étoiles (yuuwatase.net), Densetsu no Hajimari, etc. Find it all here ^__________^

Selling my entire collection on Ebay! [03 Jun 2013|08:37pm]

I am selling my entire collection of anime related merchandise. I am mainly uploading Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, and Yuu Watase series(Fushigi yuugi, Genbu Kaiden, and Ayashi no Ceres). I have a lot of rare items uploaded and for cheap prices, especially compared to what I paid for it all. I am moving and I really need to get rid of this stuff. I have other stuff listed as well and plan to have at least 60 auctions going soon. There is a lot more than what is in the picture. :)

I have had several people message me on livejournal asking about items i have had for sale on here over the last year or two. Some of those items are included in the auction but I have sold a lot of my collections since then. Please click here or the picture to view my auctions. Thank you. :)

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FY items last chance to get! [07 Apr 2013|06:48pm]

Hi! I'm selling Fushigi Yuugi items. They'll soon be unavailable for buy. Check out my page and post a message there if you'd like to get anything. :)

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Selling some manga [03 Nov 2012|04:26pm]

Hi I'm selling the following series in Chinese over at my dreamwidth.

  • Alice 19th vol 1-7
  • Ayashi no Ceres vol 1-14
  • Epotoransu! Mai vol 1-2
  • Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden vol 1-8
  • Oishii Study vol 1
  • Shinshunki Miman Okotowari vol 1-3
  • Zoku Shishunki Miman Okotowari vol 1-3
  • Shishunki Miman Okotowari Kanketsu Hen vol 1
  • Zettai Kareshi vol 1-6

    You may comment here/PM me on my LJ too though. (: Thank you!
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    Merchandise sale [15 Sep 2012|11:52am]

    Hi! I'm selling Fushigi Yuugi items. Check out my page and post a message there if you'd like to get anything. :)

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    Fushigi Yuugi sale! [13 Jul 2012|10:40am]

    Hi! I've got a Fushigi Yuugi promo clear file and manga posters for sale at my journal. Take a look and drop a message there if you'd like anything. :)

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    Rare item sale [17 May 2012|03:22pm]

    Hi guys~ I'm thinning out my collection and only keeping FY stuff. This means all my duplicates, Genbu Kaiden stuff, Ayashi no Ceres stuff, and phonebooks have to go. Please check it all out here. Thanks!
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    Fushigi Yuugi sale! [04 Apr 2012|02:51pm]

    Hi! I've got a Fushigi Yuugi promo clear file and manga posters for sale at my journal. Take a look and drop a message there if you'd like anything. :)

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    Kyou x Arisu Fans!!! [01 Apr 2012|01:21pm]

    For the fans!!!

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    Cuteness galore! [04 Feb 2012|09:40pm]

    Hi! I've got an Ayashi no Ceres card set for sale at my journal. Take a look and drop a message there if you'd like anything. :)

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    Selling Japanese language Alice 19th manga set! [10 Jan 2012|11:07pm]

    Hello! I am selling Yuu Watase's Japanese language Alice 19th manga set on eBay and figured I would post here just in cases anyone was interested. ^^ Click >>>>here<<<< for the link. Bidding ends in less than 1 day and 20 hours!

    My livejournal feedback is located >>>

    Thanks for looking! ^_^
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    Fushigi Yuugi & Ayashi no Ceres Trading cards clearance sale 20%- 50% off [15 Nov 2011|11:03am]

    25% - 50% off Fushigi Yuugi Trading Cards!
    ☆☆ HERE ☆☆ Collapse )

    ~ FEEDBACK ~
    ~❤~ E-bay: Serendipity_Collections
    ~❤~ My LiveJournal: Serendipity Collections
    ~❤~ Serasell: community.livejournal.com/serasell/808404.html
    ~❤~ GSJ new: community.livejournal.com/gsj_feedbacks/87398.html
    ~❤~ GSJ older: gsj-mods.livejournal.com/1365.html
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    SPRING CLEANING - Lots of Rare items and Furoku! [18 Apr 2011|08:11pm]

    Ayashi no Ceres, Imadoki, Fushigi Yuug, Zettai Kareshi,
    Sailor Moon, Gakuen Alice, Fruits Basket, World of Warcraft + other random stuff!
    I am needing to get rid of alot of stuff. I need more room!!! O_O I will be uploading more and more stuff as the weeks go on so stay tuned!
    Most items have a larger picture you can view. Please click on the pic to see a larger version.

    Check out my Ebay feedback: Iwakuralain16

    Terms of the sale:
    Please leave a comment with your e-mail, items you are interested in, form of payment, and zipcode. I will e-mail you with your next steps to pay.
    If an item is on hold, You will be next in line to get it. Feel free to send me a message if you prefer that instead of leaving a comment. Or you can e-mail me directly at akutenshi16(AT)sbcglobal.net
    I accept cash, money order, and paypal.
    Payment is due within one week. (will extend this if need be)

    Lots of great items behind the cut!Collapse )

    Thank you for looking. Let me know if you have any questions!
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    [23 Dec 2010|02:37pm]


    Manga Sets in English:

    Imadoki 1-5 Complete $20 shipped



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    Tons of Watase Yuu Furoku & goodies for sale!! [26 Oct 2010|05:22pm]


    One of each. 1st come first served. Shipping extra but I can and do combine shipping for US and overseas buyers.

    My feedback can be found here ....
    ~❤~ E-bay: Serendipity_Collections
    ~❤~ My LiveJournal:
    Serendipity Collections 
    ~❤~ Serasell:  
    ~❤~ GSJ new: community.livejournal.com/gsj_feedbacks/87398.html
    ~❤~ GSJ older:

    And my site page with all the Watase yuu items I have are here --> www.serendipity-collections.com/wataseyuufuroku4sale.htm

    No trades unless they are in my wishlist areas. Sales only.

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    Ayashi no Ceres poster for sale! [24 Sep 2010|03:15pm]

    Dear all,

    I'm selling an Ayashi no Ceres poster on eBay [[ HERE ]]
    Please feel free to take a look ~

    Happy shopping & good luck bidding!! ^_^

    Thank you!
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    translation [03 Sep 2010|03:14pm]

    [ mood | excited ]

    hi everybody,
    I'm searching someone that could translate the latest yuu watase blog's posts:
    and also this site http://www.39amipro.com/fushigi/index.html
    It is about Fushigi yuugi's theatrical adaptation that will be realized in October in Japan. In particularly, I'm interested in the cast's list.

    thank you very much!

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    [10 Jul 2010|12:16am]

    Hey everyone, anyone interested in a Chichiri plush from Fushigi Yuugi? ^.^ I'm trying to sell him over at my selling post.

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    Yuu Watase News on Twitter [04 Jul 2010|05:12pm]

    I don't know if this is allowed, if not, I can delete this entry.

    I'm the maintainer of the french Yuu Watase website, Sous les Étoiles. I've just opened a Twitter account dedicated to all the news of our favorite mangaka ^^ I know my website is in french which is not useful for a lot of you but I'm gonna write on Twitter in english quite frequently.

    Of course, I'm not going to stop my website, it's just a way to talk quickly about interesting stuff. So, if you have an account there and you're interested in, do not hesitate to add @YuuWataseNET. As far as I know, Yuu Watase isn't on Twitter.

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    [18 Apr 2010|03:38pm]

    (x27) alice 19th
    (x38) card captor sakura
    (x7) disney
    (x24) dnangel
    (x23) shinshi doumei cross

    total: 119


    ( you think you might be a ghost, you didn't get to heaven )
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